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Human Resources FAQ


How do I find out what jobs are open with the City of Sparks?
For information on current job openings with the City of Sparks, you may check the Employment Opportunity page of the City’s website at, visit the Human Resources Office in City Hall at 431 Prater Way, or call the Jobline at 775-353-2444.  Jobs are also posted in the Sunday edition of local newspapers during the recruitment period.  Part-time and seasonal recreation postings are available on the Employment Opportunity page and at the Parks & Recreation administration building, 98 Richards Way, Sparks.
How do I apply for a job with the City of Sparks?
The City of Sparks accepts applications only for open positions.  Applications for open positions may be entered through the Employment Opportunity page at or by picking up an application packet in Human Resources.  Completed applications must be submitted by the time and date indicated on the job announcement.
If I submit a resume, do I still need to complete a City of Sparks application?
YES.  A City of Sparks application is required and must detail your past ten years’ work experience and employers, or, at minimum, for as long as you have been in the work force.  Resumes are accepted when attached to a completed City application.  Please detail your past job duties and responsibilities; your ability to meet the minimum qualifications for the position is determined by your application information.
Can I fill out the application on line?
YES.  Applications may be submitted via the Employment Opportunity page of the City’s website at  Job openings are listed at the bottom of the page.  There are well-defined links to navigate applicants through the job application process.  The first time an applicant needs to create an account and select a user name and password, then click on “Build Job Application” to start the application process.  Once a job application database has been built it can be saved to apply for other positions with the City as they become available.
Will my application be kept on file?
You must submit a new application for each position in which you are interested during the recruitment period for that position.  Through the Employment Opportunity page at you will be offered the opportunity to build your own personal application which may be refined and resubmitted for future openings as they occur.  You may also submit “interest cards” and receive notification of position openings as they occur.
Is there anything else I need to submit besides the City of Sparks application?
Please read the job announcement carefully.  Often a supplemental questionnaire must be completed.  Some positions require a Department of Motor Vehicles printout (current for the last 6 months) or a five minute Typing Certificate (current for the last 12 months).
Where do I obtain a typing certificate?
If you do not have a five minute typing certificate, you may take a typing test in Human Resources on a first-come, first-served basis.  You must take the test prior to the job closing date.  Typing certifications will also be accepted from public/private employment agencies or schools.  On-line certifications will not be accepted.
Special Accommodation.
Human Resources will make efforts to provide reasonable accommodation to disabled candidates in the selection process.  If you have special needs, please notify Human Resources when you turn in your application or at least three days prior to the examination/interview by calling 775-353-2345.

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