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Risk Management

Risk Management

Management of safety and liability systems for the city including self-insurance funds.

Provide oversight of various confidential records, including security and retention of those records, pursuant to applicable statutes and records retention schedules.  Supervise Risk Management staff and accomplish related personnel duties.  Develop and administer the division budget.  Oversee employee safety and training efforts.  Provide contracts review from a risk management perspective.  Monitor legislation that could influence the city's liability programs.

Manage self-insurance funds, including oversight of annual actuarial studies to provide adequate funding for current year expenditures and total reserves for all self-funded claims. Evaluate exposures and secure commercial insurance policies where it is appropriate to do so or required by statute or regulation.

Oversight and management of claims relating to city liability, property claims and related matters.  Chair the Risk Management Committee.  Participate and provide direction to the city Safety Committee.  Coordinate claims with commercial insurers and outside legal counsel on a variety of claims.


Risk Management

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