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Message From The Fire Chief

Welcome to the Sparks Fire Department website.  I hope this site gives you a better understanding of the Fire Department and its services.  The number one strategic priority for the City of Sparks is “To promote public safety, health and the well-being of our residents.”  The Fire Department supports this strategic priority through the many services that it provides.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of fire prevention, fire suppression, rescue, emergency medical care, and related services to the citizens, businesses, and visitors of the City of Sparks, through continuous improvement, professional development, and dedication to the community.

The Fire Department is organized into four Divisions, each having a distinct role in support of the mission.  The Divisions are: Administration, Fire Prevention, Operations, and Training.  Each Division operates under the direction of a Division Chief.  The Department’s business plan spells out the enabling objectives and matching performance measures for each Division.

The Administrative Division provides a variety of services that support all of the Divisions within Department.  The capable staff ensures that the administrative needs of the Department are met, so that the employees can do their jobs.  A few of the service levels we provide are personnel administration, records management, risk management, budget management, asset management, and planning and development.  Whether it is something as simple as payroll, or as complex as emergency management planning, we seek to not only support the organization, but to advance it.

The Sparks Fire Prevention Bureau seeks to prevent fires through an aggressive fire prevention program that minimizes fire risk through education, enforcement, and engineering.  As we continue to grow as a community, the role of prevention becomes increasingly important to ensure a safe environment for the businesses and citizens of this community.  Our Fire Prevention personnel utilize their knowledge and experience to educate our citizens on fire safety, as we as assist them in identifying potential fire and life safety hazards.

The Operations Division is responsible for emergency preparedness and response.  Our services have broadened over the years, and our ability to respond to a variety of incidents speaks volumes of our desire to serve.  We continue to evaluate the needs of the community and seek solutions to provide improved service.  Some of the services provided by this Division are Fire Suppression, EMS, Technical Rescue, Hazardous Materials Response, and Water Entry Response.  The Fire Department and its employees endeavor to respond swiftly, provide quality service, and do so in a safe and efficient manner.  Our goal is to save lives and property.

The Training Division ensures compliance with federal, local and state requirements, and nationally accepted standards.  More importantly, it ensures that our personnel have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to serve the needs of the citizens of this community.  The Training Division invests tens of thousands of training hours every year to support our firefighters.  The diversification of services we provide, along with the influx of new personnel, has had a significant impact on our Training Division. Their ability to provide continued support for the services we provide is instrumental in the delivery of a quality product.

It is important to remember that an organization is only as good as its employees, and I want to give credit to the competent and dedicated employees of the Sparks Fire Department.  As a service delivery organization, they are the ones that make this organization special, and the ones that strive for excellence in everything that they do.

Tom Garrison
Fire Chief

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