City Of Sparks

Special Teams

Emergencies take many forms and therefore require different types of responses. The Sparks Fire Department trains and maintains three technical teams whose members receive additional training in a specific area of need beyond fire suppression in order to safely respond to unique emergency situations.

WET (Water Entry Team)*

Members of the WET team are all trained as Swift Water Rescue Technicians. The department maintains three inflatable boats/rafts to be used by the WET team for emergencies. Sparks Fire responds to water emergencies in the Truckee River, Sparks Marina Park and other bodies of water. We also work closely with the Reno Fire Department as the Truckee River flows through both cities.


Technical Rescue*

The Technical Rescue team is trained in high-angle, confined space and trench rescue utilizing state of the art specialized equipment. Sparks being in an earthquake prone area has identified urban search and rescue as a component in technical rescue training.


Haz-Mat (Hazardous Materials Unit)

Sparks is located on the Union Pacific Railroad's main Overland route and Interstate I-80, making our city an avenue for much of the east/west traffic in the US. Sparks has major warehousing and distribution centers. Daily, thousands of shipments of hazardous materials move safely through the Truckee Meadows.

The Sparks Fire Department is part of the Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team. This Triad Haz-Mat team is composed of members from Sparks Fire, Reno Fire, and former Truckee Meadows Fire Protection district, which is now part of Reno Fire.

The Sparks Fire Department maintains and staffs a New Hazardous Materials Vehicle for the Regional Team

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