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"Spotlight on Sparks—A City Ready to Move Forward"

Jul 6 2012

View the latest “Spotlight on Sparks” television program for a look at the economic future of the City of Sparks—a City ready to move forward!The programming can be found here:

Watch highlights of the mayor’s "State of the City” address and find out why Sparks Mayor Geno Martini is the “Proudest Mayor in America.”  In 2011 the City of Sparks reorganized in an effort to keep critical services while working with a 33% workforce reduction. Led by City Manager Shaun Carey, the “Sparks Sustainable Services Initiative” stabilized the budget.

Consolidations are visible all over City Hall—from a new customer service counter to a merger of Public Works and Community Development into the new Community Service Department.  Learn how moving consolidated groups back to City Hall and relocating the Fire Prevention Team to Fire Department Headquarters each save $400,000 annually.  

Watch the show to see how Mayor Geno Martini and the Sparks City Council’s commitment to keeping intact core services to protect life, safety and property are having great results. Property crime is down by double digits. The Police Department implemented “Next Generation 9-1-1” and created a reserve officer supplemental forces program. Find out how all Fire Stations were kept open every day in 2011 despite a 25% reduction in forces and how the Fire Department gained grants through the State of Nevada and Department of Homeland Security.

The second part of ensuring Sparks optimistic economic future is job creation. Find out what Sparks is doing to make it easier to do business, such as “1-stop, 1- fee” business licenses.  Last year City Manager Shaun Carey chaired “Recharge Nevada,” a partnership of economic development agencies and educational institutions to identify business and create jobs.

NOW foods, a manufacturer of health foods and supplements, came to Sparks from the San Francisco Bay Area because of the favorable business climate and brought 100 high-end jobs with benefits. When NOW foods wanted to build a new manufacturing facility, Sparks changed some existing rules and regulations to get the facility up and running.

Hear about some long time Sparks-based businesses such as Sierra Nevada Corporation which is developing the spacecraft, Dreamchaser, for NASA’s International Space Station. And how HAWS, a manufacturer of drinking fountains and safety showers, moved all its operations to Sparks because of the fantastic business conditions and access to air service to deliver their equipment worldwide.

Governor Sandoval tells us what Nevada is doing for businesses, such as eliminating 700 business regulations and modifying 1000 more to make Nevada more business-friendly.

Learn how the City’s mobile app makes it easy to find out what is happening in Sparks from anywhere, at any time. Both the app and redesigned website were paid for by hotel taxes earmarked for marketing.

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