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Frequently Asked Questions


  • I am planning to hold a garage/yard sale.  What do I need to know?   

Garage or yard sales are permitted on residential property within the City of Sparks.  Sales may not exceed 72 hours in duration and may not occur in the same location more than twice in any six month period.

Garage or yard sale signs may not be placed on public property or in the public right-of-way.  This includes light poles, traffic signs, and boxes placed on sidewalks or in a median.  These signs may only be placed on private property, however you must receive permission from the property owner.    

  •  I plan to hold a event at my home or business.  Do I need to get a permit from the City?  

Some events require a temporary use permit.  Temporary use permits require a 10 day processing period.  For information, contact Code Enforcement at (775)353-4063. 

  • How do I report disabled vehicles on private property, weeds or junk in a yard?

           Contact Sparks Code Enforcement at (775)353-4063.

  • My neighbor's yard is full of weeds.  Can Code Enforcement help?

The Sparks Municipal Code requires land owners to mitigate weeds that are in excess of 8 inches in height. 

  • How do I report an abandoned/unregistered vehicle in the street?

Contact the Sparks Police Department at (775)353-2231.

  • Can I park my vehicle next to my driveway?

All vehicles must be parked on a driveway or other hard paved surface such as asphalt, paving stones or concrete.  Vehicles may not be parked on dirt or lawns. 

  • Can I store my recreational vehicle (RV), trailer or boat at my home?

The City of Sparks allows storage in an enclosed structure that meets zoning requirements.  Outside storage is permissable in back, side and front yards under the following conditions:

1.      It must be stored on a driveway or other hard surfaced area such as asphalt, paving stones or concrete.

2.      It must be stored entirely on the owner's property and must not be a hazard to people entering the driveway or passing on the sidewalk.

3.      It must not be utilized as living space and may not be hooked up to utilities.

4.      No more than two of these vehicles may be stored in the front yard area.

Your home owner's association may have additional rules and regulations regarding recreational vehicle storage. 

  • Who is responsible for clearing sidewalks of snow and ice?

Property owners are responsible for removing snow and ice on the sidewalk that abuts their property.   

  • Am I responsible for pre-existing problems on a property I purchase?

          Yes.  The property owner is responsible.

  • Why should I be responsible for upkeep at my property?  My tenant is responsible for the problems. 

Property owners are ultimately responsible for all repairs and upkeep on their properties.

  • How do I report graffiti within the City?

If the graffiti is on public property, contact Maintenance Services at (775)353-2271.  If you see graffiti in progress, contact the Sparks Police Department at (775)353-2231. 

  • How do I report loud music, radio, car stereo, loud party, etc. in the City?

Call the Sparks Police non-emergency number at (775)353-2231.

  • I would like to put up a temporary banner or balloon.  Do I need a permit?

Yes.  Provisional sign permits allow for banners, balloons, etc. to be up for 10 consecutive days every 90 days.  Provisional sign permits are free and applications can be obtained at the Community Development Department located at 1675 E. Prater Way, Suite 107. 

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